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Myeloma, also known as multiple myeloma, is a type of cancer arising from plasma cells which are found in the bone marrow.

Velcade and Fizzy Water Don't Mix! by Andrew_Morton published 6 months ago

I had a painful reaction after my first dose of Velcade, due to drinking sparkling mineral water. Since switching to still water, there has been no pain at all. Hi there, I just wanted to share my experience of my very first dose of Velcade + dexamethasone a few weeks ago. I was advised to drink plenty of water, 2 or 3 litres per day on the day of the injection and the day after at least. So I bought a couple of litre bottles of sparkling mineral water (San Pellegrino, which I happen to like) and drank them as the day went on. About 3 ho...

Thierry's Testimony on Living with Myeloma by Thierry published 6 months ago

I was diagnosed in mid-August 2007 with "very severe fatigue" I could not walk 100 meters. At the time, I was under a doctor's care after a heart attack. I was offered a biological test at once, and this showed that the disease was indeed present; without a doubt my oncologist confirmed "you are suffering from a multiple myeloma."
The day after, I knew everything a...

Geneviève's Story by Geneviève published 6 months ago

My name is Geneviève Gigand. I have been living in Germany for a very long time now. I have been in Germany for 33 years, and for the 23 years before that I lived in France. Ever since I came to Germany I have always wanted to teach and paint, and as a French woman in Germany I felt right in my element – my environment really suited me.
For three years now I have been living ...

Receiving a diagnosis by Myeloma UK published 6 months ago

In this video from Myeloma UK, three patients living with multiple myeloma, Richard, Ann and Ray, share their experiences of receiving a diagnosis, their symptoms leading up to it and how they d...

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