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  • Portuguese CDG Assoc.

    The APCDG-DMR (Associação Portuguesa CDG e outras Doenças Metabólicas Raras) is a non-profit organization founded by parents providing information and support for a group of disorders known as Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation and for other Rare Metabolic Disease. The Association is involved in the identification, coordination and organization of various scientific and medical communication activities contributing to the improvement and enhancement of understanding and awareness of CDG Syndrome and related Rare Metabolic Diseases. The Association coordinates activities such as, Conferences and Scientific Cafés in various areas such as the nanotechnology, epidemiology, orphan drugs, etc. The aim of these activities is to establish a relationship between scientists and society, to contribute to scientific debate and to increase media coverage of different aspects of rare diseases. Furthermore, collaborations with researchers, care professionals and therapists are being developed in order to promote CDG knowledge and awareness and improve the quality of life and outcomes for patients with CDG.

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  • CDG Family Network

    Founded in 1996, The CDG Family Network is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization founded by parents seeking information and support for a group of disorders known as CDG (Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation). We exchange information with families and physicians, locate new families and raise awareness among the medical community. Our organization fosters communication among families. We accomplish this task through a variety of ways that include our website, family conferences, parent directory, and e-mail listserv.

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  • Spanish CDG Assoc.

    Asociación Española del Síndrome CDG (AESCDG) This is a non-profit association of parents and families affected with CDG, with the aim of provide appropriate information about this syndrome and defend the interests of this community.

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  • Foundation Glycosylation

    Foundation Glycosylation (the FoG) was established in the Atlantic Canadian province of New Brunswick. The non-profit foundation supports research for the development of therapies targeting CDG, aims to raise awareness of the disorder and strives to advocate for individuals living with this enzyme deficiency. The FoG was established by the family of a young girl living with CDG-1L (ALG9-CDG) with the support of the Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation and is currently supporting the collaborative research of scientists at the University of New Brunswick, Dalhousie University and the Saint John Regional Hospital.

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  • Glycokids Germany

    An important task of the Federal Association CDG Syndrome Association is concerned families about these metabolic disease and to inform each other to get in touch. Every year this takes place a pan-European family meetings to promote exchanges between families across countries. In addition, the Federal Association request an information brochure for affected families and doctors have released to compact to inform about the current state of knowledge of the different types of CDG syndrome.

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  • P'tits CDG France

    Les "P'tits CDG" est une association de parents oeuvrant pour et avec les familles touchées par le CDG Syndrome. Sa vocation est multiple : - Elle permet aux familles concernées de se rencontrer, de partager leur expérience, d'avoir une écoute attentive et bienveillante, - Elle organise des événements pour ces familles et leurs enfants, - Elle relaie les autres initiatives : autour du CDG Syndrome spécifiquement, ou autour des atteintes cérébelleuses plus généralement, L'objectif est de nous positionner en complément du tissu associatif déjà existant autour de ce type de handicap afin d'y apporter une dimension humaine basée sur les rencontres et les échanges entre familles concernées par la maladie. D'autre part, notre champ d'action ne se limite pas au territoire français et vise à capitaliser sur toutes les initiatives prises par les associations-amies à l'étranger (Espagne, Portugal, USA, Allemagne,...). Des partenariats, des échanges et des événements sont également organisés avec ces relais. Enfin, sans focaliser son action sur la recherche, "Les P'tits CDG" cherche à établir une relation bilatérale avec le monde médical : se faire le relais d'avancées ou d'informations médicales pertinentes et promouvoir son action après des professionnels au contact des familles.

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  • CDG UK

    CDG UK patient representative: Tim Jardine [email protected]

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  • CDG Brazil

    My name is Adriana Maciel. I am the Brazilian CDG patient Representative. I hope that many other families will contact us and share information and experiences with us. My e-mail address is the following: [email protected] O meu nome é Adriana Maciel. Eu sou a representante de pacientes CDG no Brasil. Eu espero que muitas outras famílias entrem em contato conosco e partilhem informações e experiências. O meu e e-mail é o seguinte: adriana.t.maciel

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