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Familiäres Mittelmeerfieber Fieber ist eine entzündliche Erkrankung erblich.

Recently diagnosed with FMF von Tata Seit 1 Tag

Hi All,
This site is great and provides a lot of vey important information for FMF patients.
Here is my story. My family is of Armenian descent and now leaves in US. My 10 year old son had recurrent episodes of peritonitis and fever since he was 5, but despite multiple doctor and ER visits nobody could give us a clear answer on his condition. A few months ago his knee got very inflamed after a minor injury and, when we took him to a rheumatologist (who happened to know about FMF), she recommended doing a genetic test for FMF. He turned ou...

"My" FMF von Anna Seit 4 Tage

A long, difficult journey to discover a diagnosis. Hi, my name is Anna, and I found out I have FMF in October 2004. I started having problems when I was 6 months old and since I can remember, the symptoms have always been the same.
I had a periodic high fever that lasted 3 days with extreme abdominal pains that prevented me from standing straight. I often had trouble breathing, due to the shar...

Genetic Marker Analysis of Familial Mediterranean Fever von Stichting FMF-Community Nederland Seit 11 Tage

Mike Mkhitar Moradian, Director of Operations / Molecular Genetics Scientist at Kaiser Permanente Regional Genetics Laboratory, discusses Genetic Marker Analysis of the Familial Mediterranean Fe...

Mein Leben mit FMF und AA-Amyloidose. von toyre Seit etwa 1 Monat

Ein Zeugnis Camille. Grüße an alle.

Ich schreibe zum ersten Mal im EURORDIS Rare Disease Communities Forum, weil ich es für wichtig halte, Ihnen einige Punkte mitzuteilen, die in Ihrem Leben mit der Krankheit FMF eine Rolle spielen könnten.

Mein Name ist Camille. Ich bin 65 Jahre. Ich habe FMF (homozygote Mutation M694V ATG>GTG) und AA Amyloidose (überprüft durch eine Nierenbiopsie). M...

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    Finding a doctor
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    Could anybody recommend a specialized FMF doctor in US?. I was very encouraged to find out that UCLA has FMF specialized clinic, but when I called them to set up a consultation I was told that they don't accept children patients. That was very frustrating…….
    THank you!

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    FMF Worsening with birth control piils
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    This happened for me,every time I take a Birth control pill such as LD or triphasic or diane,I feel that my Attacks is going to start,and I have to stop taking this pills,I wonder to know Does any one have the same experience?

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    Netherlands Journal of Medicine article on FMF
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    Thanks Nancy for sharing this...


    This is an excellent piece that contains both scientific and very readable/understandable language.

    Two points from the site are:

    "The overall picture that emerges is that FMF is not an
    autoimmune d...

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    Newly diagnosed
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    Hi , i am 26 female , and today i was diagnosed with FMF....i started to take Colchicine 1mg daily....is this treatment for a life time? can we get the abdominal attacks while on medication? and if we stopped the medication is it true that the attack will happen few days after stopping?

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    Pregnancy Outcomes in Women with FMF
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    Sequencing of the MEFV (FMF) - Isabelle TOUITOU
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    Is your mutation listed here?


    Here is a list of laboratories offering clinical testing for FMF:


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    Pregnancy & FMF
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    First I am so thankful to have found this website and support group. I am 31 years old and have had from FMF since I was 10 years old. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for the past 2 years with no luck. I've started going to a fertility clinic and they had me go through ext...

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    The AFFMF is listening to you
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    The AFFMF (French Association for Familial Mediterranean Fever and other recurring hereditary fevers) is listening to you.

    The AFFMF - http://www.affmf.org/
    Contents of the website in French and English:
    -Who are we ?
    -Legal information
    -Members of the AFFMF
    -Scientific board
    -Our obje...

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    FMF complications
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    Excerpts from the AFFMF website: http://www.affmf.org/la-fmf/les-complications.html

    Main risk: renal amylosis

    FMF, like other hereditary fevers, may include in its evolution a complication called inflammatory amyloidosis or AA (also sometimes called "secondary amyloidosis").
    The risk of AA amyl...

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    Confused about FMF mutations/science
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    The home page of this site has an article from the FMF Montreal. It starts by saying that in order to have FMF, both your parents must be carriers. Here is where I am confused. One of my daughters tested positive for two FMF mutations (P396S and R408Q). Yet both were on the SAME allele. My h...